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Los tamaños de los cofres se miden en litros. No obstante las medidas son quizás las mejores referencias, ya que hay fabricantes más optimistas que otros…


We cover more than 3,000 vehicles with our car bars. Thule, Cruz, La Prealpina, etc...


Small chest Automotive shop in Andorra. Products and service for cars.

Small Chests

They usually have about 320 L. They are equivalent to a trunk of a compact car. They could be recommended for small and medium vehicles. They are easy to store, place and are usually economical.

Medium chest. Automotive shop in Andorra. Products and service for cars.

Medium Chests

Between 400 and 500 L. Here we would have to differentiate between short-wide and long-narrow. The shorts are more efficient at the aerodynamic level, while the lengths allow transporting elongated objects.

Large chest Automotive shop in Andorra. Products and service for cars.

Large Chests

From 500 L. Recommended for those looking for maximum load capacity…. 7-seater vehicles that lose their luggage, taxis, etc...



In some cases they can be labeled with vinyl and even painted in the body color.


Low Range Chests. They are the most economical and although they have a very competitive price, they present reasonable doubts regarding safety and quality of materials. We do not sell them and look at the next vacation they can clearly differentiate. They usually have holes and are helped by straps or ropes so that they are tightly closed.


Mid-range chests. The vast majority. They look for the balance between quality / price. They usually have opening on both sides, anti-theft locks with several anchor points, automatic hooks to the bars, thickness of at least 5 mm, endures to leave the bars embedded, etc ...


High Range Chests. Those who want something else ... Diffusers for aerodynamic flow, interior light, carpet, well-known manufacturers, etc ...


Express budget Automotive shop in Andorra. Products and service for automobiles.
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